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Our priorities are reliability, quality and punctual delivery; our motto is “keep your promises”.


We are a familyrun nursery situated in the south of Holland near to Veghel – Helmond.

In 1987 we bought our first land and in 1990 we delivered our first plants. By the years our nursery growed to 10 hectares and 4 fulltime employees.

The perennials are grown in the open ground and delivered as bare root. We are the first in the chain from young plant from the nursery to a full grown plant ready for the garden center. The young plants go to other nurseries and they grow these young plants in pots and deliver their plants to garden centers, landscapers or do it yourself centers. We can deliver undivided plants ready for making cuttings or for larger pots which are used for the visual markets.

The half of our production is sold for export to countries as USA, Germany, UK, Japan, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Switzerland and Czechia.

We grow perennials which are increased by division or cuttings such as Anemone, Astilbe Dicentra Epimedium, Hosta and Lavendula.

We deliver ready made plants for different size of pots at customer wishes. Because of our two decades experiences for growing plants we can help with advice when needed.


The main types

  • Veronica Rotfuchs

    Veronica Rotfuchs

  • Symphytum Goldsmith 1

    Symphytum Goldsmith

  • Silene Rollies Favourite

    Silene Rollies Favourite

  • Sidalcea Elsie Heugh1

    Sidalcea Elsie Heugh

  • Sedum Carl

    Sedum Carl

  • Salvia nem. Caradonna

    Salvia nem. Caradonna

  • Phlox Starfire

    Phlox Starfire

  • Persicaria bistorta

    Persicaria bistorta

  • Omphalodes cap. Starry Eyes 3

    Omphalodes capp. Starry Eyes

  • Oenothera Cold Crick

    Oenothera Cold Crick

  • Lavendula Hidcote 2

    Lavandula Hidcote

  • Hosta und. Albomarginata

    Hosta und. Albomarginata

  • Hosta s. Frances Williams

    Hosta s. Frances Williams

  • Hemerocallis Summerwine

    Hemerocallis Summer Wine

  • Helenium Waltraut

    Helenium Waltraut

  • Geranium cin. Ballerina

    Geranium cin. Ballerina

  • Euphorbia a. Purpurea

    Euphorbia a. Purpurea

  • Epimedium Neosulphureum

    Epimedium Neosulphureum

  • Dicentra


  • Dicentra s. Aurea

    Dicentra s. Aurea

  • Corydalis Chocolate Stars 1

    Corydalis Chocolate Stars

  • Coreopsis vert. Zamphir

    Coreopsis vert. Zamphir

  • Brunnera mac. Betty Bowring 2

    Brunnera macr. Betty Bowring

  • Bergenia Morgenrote

    Bergenia Morgenrote

  • Astilbe Bremen

    Astilbe Bremen

  • Anemone hyb. Pamina3

    Anemone hybr. Pamina

  • Agastache Blue Fortune2

    Agastache Blue Fortune

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