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Vilier Vaste Planten

Vilier Vaste Planten is the first company in the chain from plant to consumer. Our assortment of land plants consists mainly of hardy perennial plants and grasses, which can be propagated by tearing, leaf cutting or root cutting. We also supply cuttings of several species.

We export half of our plants to various countries in Europe and the United States. There they are potted, divided into planting stock or sold in the so-called dry sales.

Naturally, we use modern and environmentally friendly techniques in our nursery to achieve the highest quality plants. These include the use of soil improvers (green compost, biostimulators), crop rotation, GPS equipment to spare the soil and a camera sorter to achieve a more consistent size determination. We also have the possibility to cool or freeze our plants, which means they can be delivered even into June without any problems.


Vilier Vaste Planten

We are a family business located in the south of the Netherlands. In 1987, the first land was purchased and, in 1990, we started selling our first plants.

When Theo and Ria Vilier started the nursery, they saw an increasing need for land plants and decided to specialize in them. The company has now grown to 15 hectares, on which we grow our perennial plants and ornamental grasses. Furthermore, we have a hall in which we sort the plants, a hall in which the rinsing installation and the cooling cells are located and about 4,000 m2 of greenhouses and tunnels in which we grow cuttings.

In 2018, Stan Beekmans joined the company as co-owner. The knowledge of the trade is transferred so that we can continue to grow and supply your plants in the future.

Our customers

Vilier Vaste Planten

We can divide our customers into four categories.

  • The pot growers pot up our plants from P9 to 10-liter pots. They supply for the visual market or landscaping market, such as gardeners and parks.
  • Exporters distribute our plants all over the world. These plants are often sold in the so-called dry sales.
  • Cutting companies use our plants as mother material for their planting material.
  • Contract cultivation. Companies contract us to grow their mother plants in the open ground.

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Vilier Vaste Planten